Meeting Minutes – 11/25/14

City Island Civic Association       Minutes of Meeting held November 25, 2014

The meeting was brought to order at 7:35 by Bill Stanton, president. The reading of the minutes was waived and the minutes accepted as distributed. The treasurer reported that there was $5,779.19 in the Civic account and reminded everyone to pay their dues, especially since our funds are low because of recent legal expenses. He also reported that our new email address is

Jason Laidley of the Comptroller’s office wished us a happy holiday. Frank from Jimmy Vacca’s office advised those interested in the heating assistance program should call 718-931-1721.

On November 5, Civic and Chamber officers toured Hart Island, where the historic buildings are in very bad shape. The Civic voted earlier in the year to support the legislation before the City Council to transfer jurisdiction for Hart Island from the Department of Corrections to the Parks Department for reasons ranging from increased access for mourners to better maintenance of the island and protecting it from other uses by New York City as has taken place in the past. Community Board 10 has not taken a position on this as yet.

The Gateway structure for the bridge proposed by DOT will include an expanded Legion triangle on the City Island side with the Welcome to City Island sign. Some granite stones will be used from the present bridge. The design is not complete at this time. The fencing will be an invisible chain link and will not be curved as in the original renderings. The fence is required to prevent fishing from the bridge, which has caused accidents in the past. The temporary bridge is now planned for completion at the end of January, weather permitting.

St Mary, Star of the Sea church will continue to hold services but will merge administrative functions with Our Lady of the Assumption Church on Middletown Road.

The first phase of the College Point facility police academy is complete, but the firing range will not be moved from Rodman’s Neck, according to Commissioner Bratton, who has changed the plans announced in 2007.

A property on Banta Lane has been getting multiple violations. A motion was passed to have the Civic send a letter to the Buildings Department. A letter will also be sent about the lights at Orchard Beach;

Complaints have been put on Facebook about 187 City Island Avenue (at Earley Street) and another building at Bowne Street, and the Civic will investigate the issues and perhaps send a letter to the owners.

Please submit any proposed changes to the bylaws to the bylaws committee, which is reviewing the constitution.

NY Rising, the state group, is working on storm preparedness and will put funding toward coastal projects and storm resiliency along Eastchester Bay. One of the projects will be on City Island. The area around the bridge and the flooding in the northeast portion of the island need to be addressed.

A fund raiser for the Civic Association will be scheduled in the New Year. Money may be sent by PAYPAL to

Frank Corti proposed a development project for his vacant lot on Fordham Place, which is zoned Manufacturing 1. He would like to apply to have it changed to M-1D so that he can build three three-family or four two-family housing units there. It could also be apartments on top and commercial use below. At the time he can only have offices. City Planning may require that the end of Fordham Pl ace North may have to be developed to extend through to Tier Street.

Questions were raised about the legality of the blinking neon signs in the window above Kaleidoscope Gallery and elsewhere on the island. Other issues should be called in to 311.

Snow is in the forecast and it was noted that shoveling will be required as soon as the storms stop; please offer to help neighbors and those who can’t shovel on their own.

Four security cameras are still to be installed. There was a change in contractor, hence the delay.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

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