Meeting Minutes – 2/24/15

City Island Civic Association                         Minutes of meeting Feburary 24, 2015

The meeting was brought to order by Bill Stanton, president, at 7:35 pm. The reading of the minutes was waived and they were accepted as distributed.

Tom Smith, treasurer, noted that those who have not paid their dues should do so now, as our funds are low because of recent legal expenses. He reported that there was $ 5,969.61 in the account. Our new email address is

The Civic Association is planning a fundraiser event to be held later in the spring. Members are encouraged to get friends and neighbors to become members.

The bylaws committee submitted their proposed changes and these will be voted on at the March meeting. Those who wish to suggest further changes or make comments are encouraged to send an email to the Civic.

Bill Stanton for the crime committee reported rumors that drugs are being distributed from the Pickwick; if anyone can confirm this, please call 311. There was a robbery at the Sunoco station involving two gunmen; no arrest has been made yet. Police believe that this represents a pattern of previous robberies.

45th precinct commanding officer Captain McGeown has been promoted to the rank of Deputy Inspector. Paul Nani will be honored at the next Police Breakfast, on May 15 at 10 a.m. Civic members are encouraged to attend.

Zoning and Development: There will be an open house for the “On the Sound” development on Fordham Street on March 5.

There was a discussion of illegal tow truck activity on the island in the lot at Schofield Street and on City Island Avenue; not only is this causing safety problems and inhibiting access for the Fire Department, but the razor wire and presence of car wrecks are affecting the look of the community. Please call 311 when you see infractions such as tow trucks blocking traffic or using the fire lane. A motion was made, seconded, and passed that the Civic send a letter to the FDNY about this..

The illegal tattoo signs on the building at the northeast corner of Hawkins Street and City Island Avenue have been removed.

Belden Point: The Civic has written to the Department of Parks about the delays in this project, which has been reported in the Bronx Times. This project includes DEP, Parks, and Con Ed and has dragged on for years. We will press them again.

It was announced by Mayor Bloomberg in 2007 that the Rodman’s Neck Firing Range would move to the new police academy in Queens; now the official report is that this will not happen. The NYPD agreed to install noise abatement over 20 years ago but this has never happened. The facility is now going to be rehabilitated, and the Civic will meet with Councilman Vacca and the NYPD to make sure that noise abatement is part of the project.

The NY Archdiocese has submitted an application for UPK-Pre Kindergarten on City Island, to be housed at the St. Mary school building. The Civic is sending a letter to support this application.

Gas leaks have occurred on the Island, and Con Ed has been repairing gas lines or replacing them. If you smell gas, call 911 immediately. Other environmental issues include a report by some Islanders that water quality has been affected by the work on the bridge.

A motion was made and passed that the Civic support the PS 175 PTA by placing an ad in the Card Party journal and also in the City Island Theater Group Program. Each ad will cost $100 for a full page.

Stepping Stones Lighthouse, which is in the custody of the Town of North Hempstead, needs serious rehabilitation. The City Island Nautical Museum will be hosting a fundraiser for the lighthouse fund on Sunday, March 1, and all are invited to attend.

The Chamber of Commerce wants to have a meeting with all absentee property owners and discuss proposals for converting empty storefronts into living and working spaces for artists.

NYRising has allotted $4.5 million for different storm projects in our area, $1.5 million for shoreline remediation, at least one project to be on City Island. The proposal is being submitted to New York State.

Multiple street lights are out on Reynolds Street. Residents have called 311 to no avail.

The March meeting will be held on the 24th rather than the 31st because Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. will be address the Civic. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

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