Meeting Minutes – 4/28/15

City Island Civic Association meeting of April 28, 2015

Bill Stanton, president, brought the me ting to order at 7:35. The reading of the minutes was waived and they were accepted as distributed. Please pay your dues now; our funds are low from recent legal expenses. Please bring to the meeting or use Paypal via the Civic website.

Frank Fraioli from Jimmy Vacca’s office asked those who wish to be kept up to date on the community should put their names on his list to get emails.

Bill reminded members to shop on the island when you can; you may pay a little extra but you will help to keep retail business owners on the island.   Please submit ideas for businesses that do not require many walk-in visitors. Traffic issues have been bad with the warm weather, but we are also concerned about graffiti, razor wire and steel fences on the avenue. Drug problems need to be addressed; people who want to help should report what they know anonymously to the 45th precinct or the Civic.  John Doyle has been following up on many issues.

The owner of NY Collateral at Schofield Street spoke about how he has been cleaning up the lot that was empty and filled with garbage. He has cameras that have helped the police with accident reports. He uses the steel fence to protect the property and said the razor wire was required by the banks. He said residents with dogs and teens are causing issues but he is cleaning up. Be said his business operates primarily at night.  The owner of Dead End towing admitted there were issues but he worked them out with neighbors..

The fundraiser will be held on Saturday, June 20, at 21 Tier Street, rain date June 21. We are looking for sponsors to donate food, drink, and artwork for a silent auction. We encourage everyone to attend and will be selling tickets in advance. Janie Blanks will head the fundraiser committee.

The Dept of Design and Construction will hold a public hearing regarding water main construction on City Island Avenue at Kilroe and Minnieford.  The former site of the Worm Bar was purchased although it turns out that half the lot belongs to the city.  The city needs to fix up the area and we hope that DOT and Tudor Perini will do so and that the city will take over the whole property.Proposals are being developed to raise funds to make the area an attractive water access for the community.

Construction has begun on the park at Belden Point at last. Traffic agents will be in place at the bridge beginning May 15. Regular traffic control won’t start until after school is out.  The psychic sign has been removed from the north end of the island. Police has issued about 20 violations for offenses such as tinted windows on vehicles, drivers disobeying lane markings, speeding, driving while uninsured, broken lights.

We are waiting for the mayor’s budget to see if funding has been allocated for Romans Neck firing range.  Emmy Lou Harris is coming to perform to August 29 to help with Hart Island. Some Islanders have expressed concern about traffic if Hart Island is turned over to the Parks Dept, but the island will not become a public attraction like Pelham Bay Park, and it may prevent the city from using it for housing prisoner and other uses that have been proposed in the past, since parkland is more protected from development than other city land.

Complaints were voiced about the entrance ramp to I-95 from Shore Road. NY State Thruway Authority is in charge of taking care of this issue.  There are other potholes and water leaks in the park and on Shore Road. A complaint was voiced about the Mister Softee truck  parking for hours in a traffic lane, forcing cars to use the fire lane near the school.

Fred Ramftl reported that 18 potholes have been filled. Please call 311 to report if you have one on your street and send the reference number to the Civic for follow up. Senator Klein and the Attorney General held a press conference about Zombie properties that banks are allowing to deteriorate after foreclosure. They want to pass legislation to fine the banks to help hire with more code enforcement and force the banks to care for these properties.

Library has a summer reading list available for summer reading, please visit your local library for details on its events.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47.

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