About Us

About the City Island Civic Association

Since 1950 the City Island Civic Association has worked successfully to maintain quality of life on the Island by:

  • Acting as a clearing house for information
  • Serving as a liaison with city agencies and political leaders
  • Enabling residents to voice their concerns
  • Monitoring and reporting illegal activities and violations
  • Functioning as activists to protect City Island interests
  • Cooperating with other City Island organizations
  • Networking with neighbors

Some of our accomplishments have included:

  • Fighting to preserve 24/7 operations at FDNY Ladder 53.
  • Achieving a redesign of the new City Island Bridge.
  • Fighting for adequate traffic protection during busy weekend evenings.
  • Bringing New York City’s Universal Pre-Kindergarden Services to City Island.
  • Helping to close the landfill in Pelham Bay Park.
  • Helping to create wildlife sanctuaries in Pelham Bay Park.
  • Working with City Planning to develop and preserve City Island Special District Zoning.
  • Stopping inappropriate use of Pelham Bay Park and overdevelopment on City Island through our SONE (Save Our Natural Environment) committee.
  • Working with the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the Army Corps of Engineers to protect Island waterfront and wetlands.
  • Sponsoring Candidate’s Night each election year.
  • Holding monthly meetings with residents and representatives of local agencies and elected officials
  • Sponsoring a Little League team and other Island activities

Become an active part of this wonderful community organization by attending monthly meetings, which are held on the last Tuesday of every month (except December) at 7:30 p.m. in the City Island Community Center, 190 Fordham Street, City Island. Annual dues are $20 per family; two adults in each family have a vote.

Officers for 2015

  • Bill Stanton, President
  • Fred Ramftl, First Vice President
  • Barbara Dolensek, Second Vice President
  • Tom Smith, Treasurer
  • John Doyle, Corresponding Secretary
  • Janie Blanks, Recording Secretary

Executive Board

  • Helen Anderson
  • Virginia Gallagher
  • Barbara Hoffman
  • Maureen Hraska
  • Ruth Markowe
  • Inge Otto
  • Jane Protzman
  • Deirdre Simmons
  • George Spencer
  • Susan Strazzera
  • Bob Zervas

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